Reviewed by Feb 24th, 1999

Having seen clips of two scenes from this movie, the very beginning and a clip near the end, both totally without dialogue, I was intrigued and decided to rent it. It’s still more evidence that Klaus Kinski can carry an entire movie using his weird face alone. I found it quite fabulous, though I can see why some might not like it. Franz Woyzeck (Kinski) is a nervous, nihilistic soldier who is picked on by his superiors and whose wife cheats on him. It’s a bit overdramatic, but it’s supposed to be.

Woyzeck is pushed around and tormented by the doctor and the captain, the latter suggests that he has no morals, and seems to be linking morality with wealth. Since Woyzeck is poor, he cannot be a moral person. These two, along with Maria’s affair, push Woyzeck over the edge.

It’s a well done movie based on the book by Georg Büchner. The music is also used to very good effect, and Kinski is great as Woyzeck.

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