Within the Woods
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

Running just over thirty minutes, Within the Woods was the film made by Sam Raimi to help get money together for Evil Dead. We see some familiar faces (Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss) and a LOT of familiar shots. The dialogue is pretty inane overall, but Bruce does utter a couple memorable lines about the obligatory ancient Indian burial ground. “You’re only cursed if you violate the graves of the dead. We’re just gonna be eating hot dogs.” (Click here for a sound clip).

Overall, you can tell this is just a study for Evil Dead. It’s not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t hold it own compared to the films that were made after it. The pacing was a bit awkward, but you can really see how Raimi was developing his trademark visual style. There are scenes from the POV of the Evil, there are familiar-looking shots in the woods, and so on. Bruce (who becomes possessed by the Indian whose grave he unwittingly defiled) even spouts a the “Join Us!” line that eventually ended up in Evil Dead.

This movie is fun to watch if you’re a die hard Evil Dead fan, but would be of little interest to the rest of the world (not that they would come across it anyway, since it’s never been officially released).

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