Vrangsinn – Moon Psychedelia Collection
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

Between the album title and the video clip of Vrangsinn singing, I was almost afraid to listen to this, I’m not on enough drugs these days to listen to anything too psychedelic. It does have a bit of an ’70s psychedelic feel to it, but it’s not so easily described. It is available as a free download on the Misantrof website, so I downloaded and had a listen or ten, and I didn’t regret it.

“Misantrof Theme in C Minor” is the sort of thing you’d expect to hear when Bela Lugosi is about to jump out from behind something and bite someone’s neck; but this is okay for two reasons: (1) It doesn’t suck. and (2) Even if it did suck, this is not black metal, so it can’t possibly be another lame black metal instrumental intro track.

“The only problem is you” starts off with some weird singing. I think I’ve only heard Vrangsinn growl as backing vocals on Carpathian Forest stuff; it’s sort of shocking to hear him sing. It’s a good change though, it’s refreshing to occasionally listen to something with clean singing, I suppose, and his voice grows on you. Music-wise, it’s got distorted guitars but it’s pretty weird and hard to classify, I don’t know what the hell is going on here, really. It’s hateful, yet childlike and goofy. I want to like this track more but after about 4 minutes it starts to wear out its welcome.

The lyrics are pretty funny at times. If I were less asocial and actually had or went to religious/cultural functions like Christmas parties, I would totally play “Holy fucking christmas motherfucker,” just for the sheer joy of the irreverence.

The singing can be a bit high and whiny at times, but this is really bizarre shit. It’s catchy though, especially “I Want to …. …” (which, uncensored, would seem to be “I want to fuck you”). This is the sort of thing you find yourself singing along to and humming the rest of the day. There are metallic elements but it’s definitely not black metal. My main complaint is that the folder it’s packed in, if you download the whole album at once, is just called “album,” which isn’t very descriptive. Minor complaint though. This is really weird shit, and it’s free, so head on over to the Misantrof website if you’re curious, and hey, it’s free. What do you have to lose? You should probably head over there anyway though, there’s a lot of other good stuff there too.
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