Twin Peaks: The Return
Reviewed by Sep 17th, 2017

There aren’t a lot of TV shows I was extremely into, and not many at all from after the year 2000, so I was quite happy to hear that there would be new Twin Peaks episodes coming. And 18 of them! That being said, it wasn’t until 2000 or so that I actually watched the original series, but I can remember originally renting it on VHS and watching several episodes per night for a while, then buying the whole series.

I know some people thought it jumped the shark after a while, focusing more on the Black Lodge and supernatural sorts of things (though these were also implicated earlier on; it just focused more on the characters’ relationships with each other). Fire Walk With Me, since it was a film, was able to be a bit weirder. I loved it. I loved everything about Twin Peaks.

Still, there seem to be widely-varying reactions to Twin Peaks: The Return, and this is perfectly understandable. Parts of it were hard to watch and I readily admit that. Some of it’s very slow. Some of it’s just… uncomfortable. Still, I think it’s the best thing I watched on TV in the past 20 years. Some of this might be attributable to the fact that I’d watched most of Lynch’s other works before I ever watched the original series, so those seasons seemed alarmingly normal to me in comparison to Eraserhead.

There are returning characters, and it was mostly great to see them again. Some of them took some getting used to. There were also some characters that were quite awful and annoying, and many that were totally unnecessary. There are scenes that go on for a very long time, and nothing much happens, and this is sure to be off-putting to a lot of people. Some are quite changed from the original series, some aren’t. The Black Lodge “waiting room” features prominently in the series.

I haven’t heard anything at all about a physical release of these. I subscribed to Showtime for a month (free trial) through Hulu to watch it, and I watched the whole thing in three weeks. Since it’s Showtime, they manage to put a bit more sex and nudity onscreen, as well as a bit of gore. Some other complaints might be that there are a lot of loose ends when you’ve watched it all, and a lot of people complained about the ending itself. There are scenes that are incredibly, outrageously stupid. I am trying to write this without a lot of spoilers (even considering the lack of a really coherent plot), but parts of that final sheriff office scene are really dumb. I realize this is to be funny, and indeed, a lot of the scenes are really funny, but some are also facepalm-inducing. At the end of most episodes, there is a scene with a band playing, and I found these to be largely boring and skippable.

Is it perfect? No, not at all. But I found it to be mostly entertaining and I liked it. If you are expecting a normally-paced show with a coherent plot that is force-fed to you, you probably won’t like it. If you go into it expecting David Lynch to just be as weird as he can possibly be, it’s more palatable, I think. I’ve talked to people that hated it, and I’ve talked to people who said it was better than the original series. I can’t totally agree with the latter point of view because I think it’s really comparing apples and oranges, but I liked it a lot.

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