The Video Dead
Reviewed by Feb 24th, 2003

This is one of those movies you use as a bookend, or maybe put under the leg of a wobbly table. If you come across this one, whatever you do with it, don’t watch it. You’ll regret it.

The bad acting at the beginning of the film tips you off to the crap that will follow. A man gets an unwanted TV in the mail. It won’t turn off, even when he unplugs it, and the only thing it plays is a movie called “Zombie Blood Massacre.” The zombies climb out of the TV and kill the guy.

Later, another family moves into the house. The parents are out of the country, so it’s just the teenage son and daughter. The son discovers the TV, brings it to his room, and some weird naked chick comes out of it.

The next day, some raving lunatic from Texas comes and asks about it. The kid decides he’s crazy and tells his sister. He puts the TV in the basement, and a zombie hand manages to get out of it, despite the mirror he places over the screen. Later the boy’s new girlfriend’s parents are killed by zombies that have come from the TV. I might mention that the zombie makeup is terrible, and while they don’t talk, they’re very cartoonish and have a really bad sense of humor.

Well the next time the Texan comes to visit, the boy lets him in. He tells a really ludicrous story about the “video dead” who believe they’re still alive and get really pissed when they see themselves in a mirror. So the way to convince them they’re dead is to kill them like you would a person. Which lead to an almost-laughable scene where they’re shooting zombies with bows and arrows. [groan]

The Texan strings the boy up to a tree (as zombie-bait), while he shoots at them. The boy, who has mentioned his favorite movie is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre [another groan], has a chainsaw for protection. He ends up dropping the chainsaw, and the old woman zombie picks it up and runs around with it for a while.

Avoid this piece of zombie fodder at all costs. I don’t know what the writer was thinking, or if he was thinking at all, when he wrote this. Boo!

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