The Untold Story
Reviewed by Feb 24th, 2005

Some body parts wash up on the beach in Hong Kong. Flash back to a few days ago, when Wong Chi Hang, a waiter, was gambling with some coworkers and the boss. Wong Chi Hang cheated, and when the boss refused to pay up or give him the restaurant, he killed him, his wife, his kids, and his mother in law. Then he took over the restaurant, where he served a lot of delicious pork buns.

The police get a letter from China, telling them that Cheng Lam, the owner of the Eight Immortals Restaurant, is missing. Cheng Poon, his only relative in Hong Kong, is in jail for murder. The cops aren’t great at their job, but they suspect foul play. And Wong Chi Hang is looking very suspicious, as his story keeps changing and he has no official papers to prove that Cheng Lam sold him the restaurant.

Eventually the cops are able to make Wong Chi Hang break down and confess, but not without considerable effort. There’s a lot of violence in this movie, including the brutal murder of several children and a woman getting raped with a handful of chopsticks. The acting is pretty good, as are the special effects. And it’s not pork in those pork buns. Some comic relief is mixed in with the cop scenes, and the characters are pretty well developed.

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