The Silent Hill Experience UMD
Reviewed by Aug 1st, 2008

I bought this UMD at the same time I bought my PSP, because I was really just waiting for Silent Hill 0rigins to come out and needed something to do with my new toy in the meantime. I wasn’t sure what this whole thing was about, but knew it had comics and videos. The extras are pretty cool actually, and I didn’t pay much for it so I’d say it was an okay waste of cash. When you arrive at the music menu, you can choose among 20 different music tracks from the games. Interviews with Akira Yamaoka and Christophe Gans are also on the disc. While I usually appreciate Lovecraft references, Whateley from The Hunger comic reminded me too much of Julian Sands in Warlock for me to take the character seriously. Silly looking guy with long blonde hair in a trenchcoat who magically disappears behind trucks. I am not impressed. Still, it’s probably the best SH comic there is, not that it’s saying much. It too me some time to warm up to the characters, and it’s a totally over the top story, but it’s okay. The “hidden” videos were rather easy to find, a large X flashes on the screen. These are just the Fukuro and Kinoko videos. Other than that, there is a large, pointless movie screen that hows images from the games. The whole menu are is Midwich elementary and you kind of zoom from room to room, which is kind of cool. It’s not a bad disc for Silent Hill fans, but there are all sorts of things I would rather have seen on it, such as old trailers.

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