The mystery surrounding Sad Satan
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June 24-July 4: Sad Satan videos are uploaded to Obscure Horror Channel

In late June, Obscure Horror Channel began uploading videos of an especially-obscure horror game called Sad Satan.

July 1: Kotaku article published

On July 1, Kotaku published a post on it with some snippets of interview with Jamie, the guy who runs the OHC YouTube channel. Other posts on other sites followed soon after, some calling it “the scariest video game ever.” The Kotaku article stated that Jamie of OHC was sent a link to this game by an anonymous person who found it on the deep web.

“I don’t use the deep web too often,” Jamie told me last week. “But a month or two ago a subscriber sent me a link and said they found something creepy and knew that I would be interested, which I of course was.”

“I did a malware check and other virus stuff on the file and it seemed OK, so I just shot ahead with it.”
Kotaku article

The game itself is rather lackluster. It was made using the Terror Engine’s built-in assets mainly, with a few music clips and Charles Manson quotes thrown in for good measure. The whole thing seems to be wandering around in a maze-like hallway with too many filtered applied. Still, due to the intrigue surrounding it, people have watched the videos, played the game, and analyzed it. They’ve figured out where the quotes and sound clips come from, as well as pictures like the one of Jimmy Saville and Margaret Thatcher. Some reddit users have analyzed various aspects of the game, and it seems to be some kind of statement on child abuse/molestation. One user suggested that the end part may be a metaphor for prison time.

This is not a game that has an official website or can be downloaded using something like Steam. There is no info on who made it or where it came from. OHC’s claim that it came from the deep web adds to the mystery, and if this is some sort of viral campaign (which I strongly suspect), that’s almost a brilliant idea. Not only is it anonymously-authored, but it allegedly comes from the depths of a part of the internet most people only know through documentaries on hitmen and drug dealers. (I’ve accessed the deep web, and it’s not all unspeakable horrors. Some people just use it because they don’t like the lack of privacy on the regular internet, and people in some countries use it because speaking on certain topics is illegal in their country. Activists use it. But yes, there are also people selling drugs, claiming they’ll kill people for some Bitcoins, and child porn, but you’d have to be looking for that stuff to find it.)

July 7: “Clone” appears on 4chan

I say “almost” a brilliant idea because the story gets a bit dark after that. Though many of the 4chan threads have since disappeared, it is then claimed that a 4chan user made a “clone” of the game, but inserted graphic gore images and child pornography. I’ve seen screenshots of the gore, and it was the same crap you can see anytime on places like 4chan or (last link probably not safe for life for most people). Thankfully, I didn’t see the CP pics or I’d be busy bleaching my brain rather than writing this post. and other sites starting reporting that downloading this game could be “the worst mistake of your life,” referring to the CP. There were also many reports that the *.exe file contained a virus that would destroy your computer’s operating system.
Then a version showed up for download on 4chan on the 7th:
This was posted by a guy claiming to be “ZK,” the guy OHC Jamie got the original game from, but this now seems unlikely. It seems more likely that he was a troll who either got part of the game or remade part of the game using the Terror Engine, and then inserted malware, gore, and CP.

July 7: Kotaku updates article

Kotaku updated their article with the following info from OHC:

What stood out to me was the allegation that the deep web link provided in the YouTube description for the initial video contained the number “9,” which is a number that is unlikely to be found in Onion links. I contacted Jamie, the proprietor of Obscure Horror Corner, to ask what was going on with the link. He now says he gave people the wrong link because the real one had, he claims, also included “gore pictures” and child pornography along with the game. “I didn’t feel comfortable giving out a link for something like that.”

It was then noted on 4chan that the game files say the computer user’s name was Jamie, but that could also be faked and doesn’t prove anything.

On reddit, the guy who runs OHC claimed the following:

I didn’t make the clone. Some seedy 4chan cunt thought it would be hilarious to troll some people at my expense. Yes, I’m extremely angry about this because I’m getting messages from people telling me that I fucked up their pc and also apparently I’m a paedophile too. I honestly don’t care what everyone thinks about the rest of this, but the clone has nothing to do with me.

I imagine it would be easy to create a new user with my name considering everyone knows it now. Really though, I know everyone thinks I made Sad Satan, but making a file containing CP and a virus is on a whole new level to that. The thing that makes me so angry about this is that my full name has been used by some people in videos about the game and some of the writeups, I’m not just an anonymous youtuber now, My reputation is being damaged by this clone bullshit.

The “clone” is the version of the game with the offending images added (CP, gore) and probably also the viruses. This “unclean” version was uploaded to and rapidly spread, destroying computers in its wake and subjecting unsuspecting horror game fans to CP. Jamie from OHC, understandably, has made a couple of comments to distance himself from this.

July 9: Clean version of clone released on reddit

A reddit user called BlindStark then uploaded a clean version of the game, without viruses, CP, or gore. You need to also download the Terror Engine to play it, because he also removed the malicious *.exe file. I haven’t tried it, but I guess you can open the level files and run the game through the engine without the *.exe. This version also seems to be different from the original OHC videos. Some have speculated that someone with a bit of knowledge of the Terror Engine was able to recreate the game pretty convincingly from the videos, but alternatively, someone may have just gotten hold of the “real” game and inserted the files into it. Reddit and an in-depth article at go more into depth on the timeline of events and the possible symbolism of the game.

When asked on reddit, he has stated the following:

There’s no corpses or cp, if that’s what you mean.

There’s been nothing like that in this game, so far anyway.

While I suppose it’s possible that the guy who made the videos put them there to begin with, I have trouble believing someone would want YouTube subs so much they’d be willing to commit felonies for it by possessing and distributing CP. The risk/benefit analysis here doesn’t make any sense to me. I suppose it’s possible, but I’d need more evidence to believe that. He still hasn’t confirmed or denied whether he made the original, but most people assume he did. He has specifically come out and said he did NOT make the clone, though. I’ll admit that some of the stuff this guy has said sounds a bit weird, like the “not yet, anyway” referring to gore and CP, though.

Then there is the matter of the supposed “deep web” link. I only read the article after this had been removed, but Reddit users have stated that it contained a “9,” which is a number not used in .onion links at all. One explanation would be that it didn’t come from the deep web (this is what I believe) and perhaps the OHC guy just made a random, non-working link, knowing that most people wouldn’t even go through the trouble of accessing it, since regular browsers can’t open .onion links.

The guy from OHC said there was no gore/cp, then changed his story after the clone was released. This strikes me as odd. He’d already posted on reddit that there was no CP or gore; and now he is stating that the original YT video contained a bogus link on purpose because of gore and CP. Which is it? Did it or didn’t it? Some have claimed that this was to further distance himself from the whole thing, or to explain the nonworking link in a different way. But even though he seems to have lied about a few things, the general consensus is that he probably made the original game, and then someone got hold of it and added some evil shit to it in some attempt at ultimate trolling to try to perhaps get people arrested, and fuck up their computer at the same time.

Anyway, this entire thing has been insane. What may have been an interesting viral video angle has turned into something quite unusual. The game itself looked terrible, just some hallways and obscure references. Whoever said it was “the scariest game ever” must have been smoking crack or else just said that for page views, because that part is clearly false. The mystery surrounding the game has certainly been intriguing, however, and I will continue to watch this story to see if there are any new developments.


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