The First Power
Reviewed by Jan 24th, 2005

Here we have a classic example of that same suspense-thriller recipe we’ve been served repeatedly for a long time now: well-meaning cop gets into trouble while going after demonically possessed killer, et cetera, et cetera. This time the cop is Lou Diamond Phillips. *Yawn*

Actually, this movie did keep me semi-entertained for an hour and a half, mainly because I wasn’t sure what to expect stylistically. Of course I knew what to expect as far as the story goes, but one minute the movie is dead seious, the next a baglady is flying through the air spouting awful one-liners. I have no idea what the writer had in mind. I was dumbfounded for a minute there…

The characters were all fairly cardboard. There is the annoying psychic, the sarcastic evil demonic serial killer, the rebellious nun(!),and so on. The killer’s motives are boiled down to child molestation and incest, while somehow turned the kid into a disciple of Satan. And a damn good one, I might add, since after he was executed Old Scratch gave him the “First Power” of resurrection. “‘You can’t go on killing forever.’ ‘Wanna bet?'” There are a few entertaining moments here, but not enough to redeem the movie as a whole.

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