The Convent
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

After reading lots of great reviews of this, i bought a PAL-to-VHS dub off ebay. and wow, is this a unique film. can’t comment much on the image quality since the PAL to NTSC transfer could’ve been better, but overall i was impressed.

It starts out kind of lame, with a bunch of frat/sorority types going to spraypaint their letters on an abandoned supposedly haunted convent. they let the one girl’s friend (the obligatory horror movie goth chick) come along for the ride.

Since this is something that happens every year, the cops (Bill Moseley and Coolio(!)) show up just in time, leading to a pretty funny, if stereotypical, scene. The goth chick was on probation, so she’s still hiding in the convent. She ends up getting abducted by some wannabe devil worshippers, who in turn get terrorized by or possessed by the real demon nuns (there’s a back story to all of this..).

Meanwhile, the main character gets away and goes to the local crazy’s house. Christine (Adrienne Barbeau) killed the demon nuns back in 1960, leading to 30 years in the nuthouse. Back at the convent, the nuns are preparing to sacrifice some virgins. The ending was pretty funny, and there’s some great gore along the way.

The effects were…. interesting. The demons had glowing blood and neon stuff on their skin, half the movie must’ve been shot by blacklight. The gore effects weren’t the greatest, but they weren’t the worst either. Lots of decapitated possessed nuns, even an eyeball-popping scene. But overall this was a black comedy, and not a bad one. The script could’ve been tightened up a bit, but the acting was generally good and there were moments of brilliance here. The whole day-glo demons thing didn’t do much for me, but I have to say I enjoyed this movie. I’d recommend it if you happen across a copy, which isn’t too likely here in the States I suppose.

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