The Chelsea Girls
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

Double projected and running 3 hours and 15 minutes, this Warhol film is double-projected with one of the soundtracks randomly running, so that every viewing is different. Some of the sequences are scripted, others were apparently just turning the camera on and letting the group do whatever. Like so much of Warhol’s work, it mainly induces apathy in the viewer. The only reason GoreGoreGirl and I watched it was because Nico was in it. And she is: she cuts her bangs, plays with her son, and then sits in a room with colored lights and cries.

If you aren’t a fan of anyone in the movie and don’t really give a damn about the cultural goings-on during the time when this was released, it will be easy to hate this. Like much of Warhol’s work, the main lasting impact of it lies in the way it impacted the art world, and it really has little value it and of itself. Watching it, one feels like one is watching home movies taped in the Chelsea Hotel, not a real film.

I don’t mind films without plot, and I did find this interesting the first time around, but I wouldn’t want to sit through it again. It is more noteworthy for being a portrait of a period of time and for impacting underground film than for anything actually contained within the reels.

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