The Abominable Dr. Phibes
Reviewed by Nov 16th, 2009

This has nearly everything you could want in a movie: murders based on the curses in the Old Testament, fabulous home decor, a mad organ player, a woman who wears bizarre headdresses, and Vincent Price puffing his neck out like a frog because his face is supposed to be a mask. Who cares if not all of it makes sense?

The police are worried when several men, all doctors, are found murdered in bizarre ways. One of the doctors realizes that they all worked together on one case, and they were not able to save the woman in question. Now they being picked off one by one, and even constant police surveillance isn’t helping.

Price is Dr. Anton Phibes, a well-known organ player with a PhD in theology who allegedly died in a car accident, but he’s actually out avenging his wife’s death at the hands of surgeons in creative ways (rats, locusts, and a frog-mask death which is particularly fun). Phibes’ face was burned off in the fire, but he’s crafted some prosthetics to wear, and we see him attaching his ears now and again.

Vincent Price is fabulous as usual as Dr. Phibes, and I just can’t find anything to dislike about this movie. Revenge has never been this fun.


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