Tale of Tales announces Fatale.
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A month or two ago I reported on Tale of Tales’ independent game The Path, which was based on early versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story. I played it a lot; I also wrote the only plot analysis for it on While keeping a fairy tale look and feel, it was set in present day and used the wolf metaphorically, but this didn’t stop a lot of people from deciding it was a game where you take six girls into the forest and get them raped. That’s a very simplistic take on things, but it was a slow game and I understand if people just put the controller down and gave up before they really got anywhere.

Tale of Tales had previously earned a bit of notoriety for their game The Graveyard. It was available one of two ways: as a free download, or you could pay $5 to get the “full version.” The latter was pretty much the same thing, except the old woman in the game has the possibility of dying during gameplay. This, too, was a mood piece more than a “game.”

What do these have in common? Well, they’re independent games and they are experimental in that they don’t play out like most games. Above all, there is a focus on the mood and atmosphere more than standard gameplay tactics such as fighting or even interacting with in-game objects. Some aspects of The Path could even be said to satirize gaming, such as the endless collecting of flowers and pointless objects, not to mention repetition.

Now Tale of Tales has announced Fatale, based on the Biblical tale of Salome an dthe Oscar Wilde play about her. This would seem to be more in the vein of The Graveyard in that it is an “interactive vignette” more than a game. Go to the following link for more info:

Fatale (working title) is a work in progress by Tale of Tales.
It will be an interactive vignette in realtime 3D
based on the story of Salome,
particularly the play by Oscar Wilde.

Release date is 5 October 2009.

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