Subconscious Cruelty
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

I saw this in an issue of Fango a while back. The article showed a picture of the guy who played Jesus looking quite jovial, a profile of a pregnant woman, and a guy whose face seems to be splitting into two faces. I guess this is why my expectations were very different from the actual film.

The film is split into a few segments, I hesitate to call them “stories” because only the first one has any sort of real narrative quality. It begins with a narrator discussing the implications of violence in film, and leads to a scenario where a man is plotting his vision of the ultimate human blasphemy. This segment ends after his plan comes to fruition, and it is indeed quite shocking.

Next we see a man getting in touch with the two sides of his brain, with the help of mysterious guys in suits. They help him along by means of sex, visions, and torture. Lastly, we see Jesus wailing in front of a church. And the results are in: this is the most blasphemous scene in the history of cinema.

As a reviewer, it is probably my duty to warn a lot of people against this film: folks with heart conditions, religious persons, and most of all, pregnant women, should probably steer clear. Also, those with a tendency toward queasiness, as their is more blood, violence, and semen in this movie than I’ve ever seen anywhere.

All this being said, I feel this is one of the most effective movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s effective in showing us the darkest urges and possiblities of human nature. I defy anyone to watch this and speak indifferently of it. One of the darkest and most disturbing things I have ever seen.

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