Silent Hill Revelation 3D
Reviewed by Jan 18th, 2013

I’ve said this before, but I’m going to make a Venn diagram to further illustrate my point: video game logic and movie logic don’t always overlap.

That was a problem in the first movie, and it’s a bigger problem in this movie. As an example, in the first movie, there is a scene where Rose extracts a key from the mouth of a corpse covered in barbed wire in a bathroom stall. This is the sort of thing that works fine in video games, but not so much in movies. Same with the scene where Rose memorizes the map (“left… right… left…”) toward the end. But I’ll come back to this.

This movie picks up a while after the first movie. [Spoilers] In the first movie, Rose and Sharon were stuck in Silent Hill, which was in another dimension, and Chris was still in the real world. This time, it’s explained that Rose found part of the seal of Metatron, and since she didn’t have it all, only one of them could return to the real world. So now Chris and Sharon are back together, but they are on the run from the cult and change their names to Harry and Heather.

Heather moves around a lot for this reason. Heather (Adelaide Clemens) is pretty decent, but she seems to lack an edge that her video game counterpart had. They really try to make her cynical but it isn’t very believable. Then again, she’s supposed to be the “innocent” part of Alessa, so maybe that’s it.

There are a lot of references to the games, some work better than others, some fall flat. The seal of Metatron features prominently, as does the Halo of the Sun. There are things told in flashbacks, but it’s not quite as bad as all the exposition in the first movie. Dahlia returns to explain away some things, too. This is another thing that can work well in video games, but not so well in movies. I prefer it when movies show things, rather than tell things. There is an obligatory sexy nurse scene, and pyramid head randomly shows up here and there. Malcolm McDowell briefly shows up as Leonard. He has the other part of the seal, and explains that there are “many Silent Hills” (in the sense of many planes or dimensions, so it may be difficult to figure out where someone is). Brookhaven Hospital is called Brookhaven Asylum, and the Brethren (the cult members) use it as a place to lock up anyone with differing points of view to have their brains fixed.

Vincent’s lines are all terrible, and they completely changed who he was and his role in things. Carrie Ann Moss looks great as Claudia, but her lines and pretty much everything about the character sucks. One thing I really hated is the way the movies divide Alessa/Heather neatly into good and evil versions. The whole appeal of Alessa in the first game was that you feel bad for her. Sure, she is responsible for a lot of the bad stuff that is happening around Harry, but you don’t blame her for it. Here, Alessa is a “demon” and Heather is the “innocent” part of her, split off to live a normal life or something.

One of the big problems, besides video game logic, is that this tries too hard to cram too much stuff in it. This causes a lot of it to just feel sloppy. The miners are back as the cultists, but only for a few seconds. Pyramid head is there just because he is iconic to the series, it would seem. He doesn’t really seem to have much of a point. I did like the way he dragged the Great knife, though. Even Douglas’ role seems pointless and just thrown in there as a game reference. His character wasn’t even really necessary, especially with the changes to Vincent.

Also [spoilers],the ending! What the hell. Harry wouldn’t abandon his daughter like that. That is the antithesis of everything Harry is about. I know that his wife is still there, and he wants to find her, but I didn’t buy it, simply because it involved Harry Mason, of all people, leaving his daughter without any parents. Sure, she’s supposed to be 18, but she doesn’t have anywhere to live, she can’t drive, and I think Harry would make sure she at least had somewhere to go before he disappeared. The Travis appearance was sort of funny, but it just drives home the fact that anyone who hasn’t played the games probably should not watch this movie. The characters are weak and poorly developed, the plot is a mess. There are no scares. I tried to like it, but it was all over the place and incoherent, a mishmash of game references, gore, and cheese. The only thing I sort of enjoyed was picking up the game references. It might be worth a watch if you liked the first movie, or the games, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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