Silent Hill Play Novel Review
Reviewed by Nov 1st, 2005

The Silent Hill Play Novel was, unfortunately, only ever released in Japan and remains sort of elusive. On the surface, it looks like a text-based version of the original Silent Hill for PSX, but upon closer inspection, one finds that there is a bit more to it than that. It’s mostly text over still pictures, but it’s notable that many of the stills involving characters from SH1 are new to this game.

As in Silent Hill for PSX, you start off on the road as Harry Mason, and you have a car crash and wander into Silent Hill to look for your daughter, Cheryl. On the way, Harry meets up with Cybil. Lisa, Kaufmann, and Dahlia. He explores many of the same places, but there are more endings to get and in several of them, new and unexpected events occur.

In Japan one could also download 4 new scenarios via a mobile adapter featuring Andy, a new character. The only scenario that has survived (via the official guidebook) is the Spring scenario, in which we learn that he is Cheryl’s neighbor and they go to the same school. Andy also shows up in Cybil’s scenario (available after completing Harry’s scenario; a second character option will appear on the select screen).

It’s your standard text-based game but with decent graphics. The fighting is just a matter of selecting what you want to do and it’s done automatically; there is basically no action. This is for people who are interested in the story of SH1, not the fighting. For what it is, it’s pretty good.

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