Silent Hill: Orphan
Reviewed by Aug 1st, 2008

th_03-1Can you even have survival horror on a mobile phone? Isn’t that against some kind of law or something? Even so, I had to play it because it was Silent Hill and I’m a shameless fangirl. The entire game takes place within the confines of the Sheppard Orphanage. You start out as Ben, who hasn’t been there in 30 years, when most of the children were brutally murdered. It’s point and click and first person-perspective. My biggest complain is that Alessa figures into the story but never actually appears to us, leaving us to wonder if this is some ghostly incarnation of Alessa or just some movie-inspired crap. I felt swindled. Other than that, it’s not bad, and the rest of the story is okay. The graphics worked pretty well, considering the medium, and had the right atmosphere. You play as three different characters, and there is some easy fighting involved too (but only one monster type. Pity.). For a cellphone game, it’s solid enough. For a Silent Hill game, it leaves much to be desired.

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