Silent Hill 4 Review
Reviewed by Nov 1st, 2006

I preordered this as soon as I could, upon hearing that it was coming out. The cover had a screaming ghost head superimposed over a chained door, which I found mildly intriguing; yet I was uncertain about the subtitle, “The Room.” Did it all take place in one room? Write-ups said the protagonist, Henry, could not leave his room. How interesting could such a game be? How much action could really occur?

I was relieved that, after 10 minutes of bumbling around the apartment, I finally found a portal to another dimension and got the hell out of there. Henry doesn’t seem like a very interesting guy, and he certainly has an uninteresting apartment. The game proper starts out in the subway, where you meet some chick who thinks you’re a figment of her imagination. Then she has to go barf.

Thankfully to get through the portal you had to pick up a piece of pipe, or rather, you had to pull it out of the wall. That will come in handy, because you don’t have any other weapons yet, unless you count the bottle of wine in the fridge.

It turns out some whacko was born in your apartment and is coming back to claim it as his own. It’s not a simple battle for custody of the apartment, this dude thinks room 302 is his mother and is a serial killer to boot. You meet killer dogs, two-headed baby monsters, giant fungi, ass-faced monsters, and the bane of my SH4-playing: ghosts. You can’t kll ghosts. Even getting near them drains your health. This was the single worst thing about the game. There are swords you can use to pin down the ghosts, but these are scarce and hard to use.

Also interesting is the lack of proper puzzles (though there are some puzzling things to do in the “building world”) and no flashlight. Everything is well-lit,and I didn’t like that much. Also irritating was the fact that a friend tags along for a good part of the game, and if you let her get too injured, she’s even more of a pain.

I think this would’ve been better if it weren’t a Silent Hill game. The story is interesting enough, but parts of it just don’t fit in with the series.

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