Silent Hill 3 Review
Reviewed by Nov 1st, 2006

Years after the original on PSX, Konami finally gave us a direct sequel, though we don’t know that until a while into the game. Heather Mason is a teenage girl who seems to be having a normal day at the mall, when suddenly she finds that things have turned a bit weird. An old guy named Douglas keeps showing up and bothering her, but even stranger are the creatures inhabiting the place. At first I wanted to hate this, because to me, Silent Hill is about bumbling middle-aged men who don’t know how to handle weapons, but Heather won me over in the end. It was also nice to see it attempting to tie up some loose ends in relation to the original game, which is my favorite game ever. The monsters here are mostly pretty well-done, though I think I prefer the ones in SH2. Heather isn’t too bad with her weapons, though she runs like a girl. This made me yell at the TV through the whole game. The scenery really stands out here, it is all very well-done. The voice-acting is pretty good for a videogame as well. A worthy sequel, but doesn’t quite live up to its predecessors.

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