Silent Hill: 0rigins
Reviewed by Nov 1st, 2008

This was created by a new team, and I think they did a pretty good job considering the limitations of the medium (portable, small screen, etc.) and the way the story itself was handled. There have been a lot of complaints in the Silent Hill fandom about the new team, which I think are generally unfounded. This is the best Silent Hill to come along in quite a while. The main character is a trucker named Travis Grady. He’s passing through Silent Hill on the way to somewhere when he sees a girl in the middle of the road. He gets out and ends up at a burning house, leading to his staying in Silent Hill for the remainder of the game. He wants to see the girl he saved the previous night but the one doctor he sees isn’t very helpful. Soon he finds himself alone in the hospital with strange monsters around. One major difference in this game is the way that Travis can control the shifts to the Otherworld with mirrors. As in previous games, when things shift, different items can be found and different areas are accessible. For the PSP, the graphics are pretty good (you should compare this to other PSP games here, not other Silent Hill games). I was disappointed that the nurses were like the movie nurses instead of the Silent Hill 1 puppet nurses, but overall the monster design was decent. I especially liked the monsters found in the theater and sanitarium (the cage things). It’s possible to beat this in less than 2 hours, but it took me considerably longer my first time. The replay value is extended by various new costumes (the dog from SH2, Vincent from SH3, and 10 others), various accolades to achieve these, new weapons, and an extras menu where you can turn off the noise filter, change your flashlight beam to things like a smiley face or the Halo of the Sun, and adjust the blood volume. There are three endings, the first two depend on whether you’ve beat the game or not yet and how many kills you have, the other is a great UFO ending, which requires you to get a key across from the post office and then use it at the motel. I can understand a lot of people not getting this just because it’s on the PSP, but I really think it’s the best game out there for the PSP, and the best game I’ve bought in a long time. I think it’s a great addition to the series, though some things (the butcher, for example) could’ve been featured more and explained better. Occassionally the camera angles are not to the player’s advantage and you can’t see the monsters you’re trying to kill. Otherwise, I like the controls very much. Weapons can break from overuse, which is an interesting addition. Some of the bosses seemed way to easy to kill also, especially if you’ve saved your bullets for them. I also liked the things like TVs and typewriters that you can throw at baddies.

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