Revisiting Sad Satan’s imagery
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In my last post, I discussed the game Sad Satan, which was rumored to come from the deep web. Obscure Horror Channel on YouTube uploaded five videos of gameplay with no commentary. An article was published on Kotaku. After that, it gained some notoriety. Most recently, popular YouTuber Pewdiepie made a playthrough of it. No one knows for sure who made the game. The one thing we do know is that, after the OHC videos came to light, a different version was found on 4chan and some other sites. This version, unlike what we saw in the OHC videos, was full of graphic gore images and also had a child pornography image. Not only that, but the *.exe file used to play the game had some nasty viruses in it.

Because people were still interested in playing the game themselves, Reddit user BlindStark took the time to remove the *.exe file and replace the image files with inoffensive ones. This was tremendously helpful because it kept many people from unwittingly downloading malware and illegal content onto their computers. However, there are two problems, as I see it: (1) this version, made from the so-called “clone” version, is missing a lot of things. It’s not as long. It’s missing sounds and images, and (2) changing the images changes the game. Below I will compare the image files of the versions we’ve seen so far.

This is a censored image of the “clone.” This is the version that showed up shortly after the videos. Someone on 4chan allegedly swapped out the images for gore and CP. I have censored those images. The red ones are the gore images. At least one is supposedly a victim of the Torso Killer. I’m not really fazed by gore, but I am not going to post those here. The black image, G5.jpg, was the child porn one. I haven’t even seen that one, but screencaps from others like devicemodder on reddit confirm this.


This is the images folder of the “clean version” uploaded by Reddit user BlindStark. As you can see, everything has been replaced with either a photo of the actress from Dexter, or a photo of an umbrella or something.

However, you will notice that the clean version also replaced some of the image files which were not offensive, and that they were replaced with images that have nothing at all to do with the game and any theme it might have once had. That is my concern: that replacing the images, even the inoffensive ones, changes the game. Below is a screencap of the folder after I reinserted the 4 non-gore images:

Still, my concern was that this isn’t true to the game. (For the purposes of this post, I am just going to assume these pics were in the original version. In any case, they were in the first version anyone saw, even if only OHC played it, and that’s why I am considering them significant. Also, it seems like someone at least put some effort into figuring out what images to put in and collecting these, in contrast to the gore pics, which could be put together in two minutes.)

And finally, below is a folder of all images that can be seen in the OHC video. Reddit user white_noiz helped me out with a few, and the rest I got by downloading the HD versions of the videos and screencapping them. You can download these files here in a zip file, ~5Mb.

Part 1

And now to start of with some discussion of each of these images. This is a photograph of Franz Joseph, 9th Prince of Thurn and Taxis, by Walter Sanders. He was an avid hunter, and this photo of him with his hunting trophies appeared in Life magazine. I don’t think there is a connection to child abuse, but it’s been suggested that he may be included because it looks a bit sinister with the horns, or just the massive killing of animals.

Part 2

This photo is of TV host and DJ Jimmy Saville with Margaret Thatcher. Saville apparently had something to do with a pedophile sex ring where kids were picked up and routinely molested. In addition to being a television star who was with the BBC for decades, Saville was known for both his charity work and his social climbing. He really liked to be seen around celebrities and royalty, and was friends with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. There are photos of him with the Queen of England and Pope John Paul. He raised a lot of money for charity and ended up as sort of an honorary staff member at two hospitals. It was later alleged that, since he had keys to the entire place, he would just wander around and watch female patients as they were naked in the bath, and also that he assaulted them in a variety of ways. He had complete run of the place because, as his personal assistant said, he was so valuable to them (due to fundraising and fame) that he was above suspicion. Perhaps as a ploy to get people to not suspect him, he also famously “hated” children, saying things like they should be eaten at birth. Margaret Thatcher tried 4 times to have him knighted, and succeeded the 4th time. This particular photo was probably chosen because they seem to be at an event for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, so there is the fact that Saville is smiling and holding a NSPCC sign while, at the same, being a very prolific child molester. There are some good documentaries on him which can be seen on YouTube. I’m writing all of this from memory, I just watched the Exposure documentary and the Crimes that Shook Britain episode on him. Even though people were accusing him and people had been being molested by him as early as the 1950s, this didn’t really come out until after his 2011 death. People and newspapers were terrified of the legal ramifications of accusing him. After his death, hundreds of victims have come forward.

This shows up at least 3 times in OHC’s videos. That, coupled with the irony of the signs in the picture, makes me think this is one of the more significant images that points to the theme of child molestation. Some of the text on the screen may also point to the pedo ring that Savile was involved in.

“Rescue with key, suffering.” This shows up next to a locked door. This points to a possible objective (I know there are keys and locked doors, but I mean an objective in the sense of rescue someone and stopping their suffering.) Some have wondered if the game is condemning or somehow celebrating child abuse, but I think all signs point toward condemning it (if we are going with this version).

This is a photo by Roger Ballen under his compilation “Shadow Chamber.” It’s of a girl with her head tucked into her dress, giving the appearance of being headless at first glance. I think it’s here because it’s kind of creepy and has a child in the photo.

“In Nomine Dei Satanas Luciferi Excelsi.” This is Latin for “In the name of Our god Satan, Lucifer on High.” This is taken from a Black Mass and could represent the idea of satanic ritual abuse, which has largely been discredited due to the methods used to obtain the supposed suppressed memories of it. That’s probably not relevant though, it’s probably just using the theme of abuse.

This is a photo of JFK before he was shot. I’m not sure of the possible significance here. Some have suggested it may have to do with conspiracy theories.

Eliphas Levi’s Sabbatic Goat (known as The Goat of Mendes or Baphomet). This appears after opening a door to a room. The image shows up and when the player turns around, a child appears in the room. This fits in with the other satanic themes, like the game’s name, and references to the Black Mass. It could also be related to the idea of satanic ritual abuse.

Part 3

Reddit user /u/Cyberham cracked the code on this (it’s just letter replacement) and ended up with “I can track you.”

“Patience, why” shows up in a room where the player seems to be stuck for about five minutes. It’s unclear if this is an edited video or if, after waiting, the area changes and you can leave it.

Reddit user /u/Cyberham decoded this as “U are on my list.”

“Suffering doesn’t end.”

Reddit user /u/Cyberham decoded this as “5 victim!! 🙂 :), Hail 666, Sad people died”

“Stop this”
Reddit user /u/Cyberham decoded this as “I can track you, good luck, You’re alone, buried, help me”

Part 4

This is an image of Tsutomu Miyazaki, also known as the Otaku Murderer. First the photo is shown with his eyes and mouth scribbled out in red, then the regular photo is shown for a long time in the middle of the video, then, at the end, with just his eyes blacked out. I had trouble screencapping the blacked out one because it only appears for a split second. He abducted, killed, and raped 4 girls. He was a serial killer, cannibal, and necrophiliac.

justice statue
This one is just an image of Lady Justice.

“Stop doing this.”

Male adult NPC that shows up facing a wall in a room.

This is a pink room where first, the Savile/Thatcher photo shows up, then you find a key.
As you leave, “Everyone’s ready for the party” shows as text on the screen. I feel like this could also refer to the child sex parties Savile was involved with.
“Come on in and have some fun.”

Rolf Harris was an Australian musician convicted of molesting children, linked to Savile, and also accused of watching patients undress at Broadmoor hospital, one of the hospitals where Saville preyed on patients. Saville had his own set of keys and living quarters (two offices and a bedroom) at Broadmoor, despite having zero qualifications to work there. Here is an article with more images and information on him. This photo appears twice in this video.
(identification of pic from /u/ornamentalorb for info and /u/BelovedStump in Individual parts analysis thread)

Part 5

/u/n5cl21rh4l4c15st identified the man in the first pic as Andres Escobar, Colombian football play killed after shooting at his own goal. His family then founded the Andrés Escobar Project to help disadvantaged children learn to play football. Not sure if this refers to people getting killed, or that his family did something to help children. Seems a bit weird to add him.

Roman Polanski is a film director/producer/writer/actor. In 1977 he was arrested for the rape of a 13 year old girl in Los Angeles. He fled to London to avoid sentencing and eventually ended up in France. The US and Switzerland tried unsuccessfully to extradite him from Switzerland in 2009.
/u/Fummy notes in the analysis thread that Polanski is probably also there because his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was killed by the Manson family. There are a lot of Manson quotes in the game’s audio.

Druids at Stonehenge.
This appears before opening the final door in the last video. /u/Belovedstump decoded this as “Expose Everything” – “I know U” – “BBC failed” – “All Hidden”
“BBC failed” likely refers to Savile’s long career working with the BBC, and how they failed to protect the children and/or do anything about Savile’s crimes that took place during those years. “Expose everything” could just refer to the desire for all the secrets to come out and be exposed.
In the final area, this girl runs into the player and chases him.

And that’s it for the pictures in the OHC version. I know he lied about some things and it’s unclear exactly what is true, but again, after thinking about this for months, I feel like the images in this version were significant and that removing them changes the game and removes any meaning and thought that may have went into it, and that’s why I took the time to go through and screencap all of this. It does seem like some funny things are going on in the OHC videos. You don’t see the game start up, a couple places it looks like 2 places were edited together, other places look like previous areas reskinned or with different effects. I don’t claim to know the whole story, but the images and text in this one interests me.

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  1. I’ve downloaded the images from white_noiz, but am unsure where in the game file they need to be added. Any advice you have on where to place them will be greatly appreciated.

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