Lucker the Necrophagus
Reviewed by Oct 26th, 2008

2This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. There is no plot, we just see some fat guy with sunglasses running around killing people, occasionally having sex with corpses. The movie opens up with said weirdo lying in a hospital bed. A doctor assures a nurse that the guy is way too doped up to move. Of course, he gets up as soon as she leaves the room, in search of dead bodies to screw. He kills a girl in a car, and we see the car rocking back and forth on the side of the road.

Later, he’s in a bar. He kills a guy with a salt shaker, and ends up with a prostitute. One of the guy’s quirks is he doesn’t talk for the first half of the movie. After he ties the prostitute to the bed and sits in the rocking chair, she gets a bit freaked out. Monday goes by, we learn from the subtitles. Tuesday. Lucker has a cigarette. Wednesday, he looks out the window. Etc, etc. The next week, we see the whore’s horribly decomposed body (in a week!). Lucker promptly strips and has sex with the corpse. I don’t know what was the worst part: the not-so-special effects on the corpse, the content of the scene, or Lucker’s flabby ass.

There are many more bad scenes, much more bad dialogue, but I won’t deal with it here. The pace of this movie is extremely painful. Thank bog for the fast-forward button. Better yet, just don’t rent this movie. You’d think that with the subject matter, they’d at least make it gory, or over-the-top. No, this movie just sucks, and it sucks s l o w l y.

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