Lost Tapes
Reviewed by Oct 24th, 2009

I saw the commercials for this a while back and it looked kind of like a cryptozoology-themed version of the Discovery Channel’s A Haunting. This isn’t too far off what it really is. Though the opening credits recall the X Files thanks to the font and a lot of crap about believing, this sort of seemed to be presenting itself as based on actual tapes. Lost Tapes, you know? It’s not. Unlike A Haunting, this has no actual interviews with participants/victims. Like A Haunting, this does have dramatizations, though the people and stories are completely fictional. The stories are “inspired by the possibility” that cryptozoological creatures exist, so each episode has a different creature featured and a different, fictional story.

Unfortunately, the acting here does often leave a bit to be desired, never reaching the level of something like A Haunting. You’re always painfully aware of this being a bad dramatization to showcase a mythical critter of some sort. It’s not terrible; it’s just not great, either. Factual blurbs, like a bit about Vlad the Impaler, are interspersed. There are sometimes (real) interviews with people explaining legends and scientific possibilities of explaining the critters away. Teh episode on the Lizard Man (a reptilian, human-hating entity; not Erik Sprague) talks about ichthyosis.

While the execution is not always perfect, what this show does have going for it is a variety of fun crytozoological creatures. Everything from the chupacabra to vampires are explored. Most of the special effects aren’t too bad either. It usually does a good job of presenting a fairly balanced view of things, it’s not too off the wall, and it does suggest that some things could be explained in a scientific manner (even if it goes on and on about how science doesn’t “accept” cryptozoology. Note to cryptozoologists: prove these animals exist, and I’m sure science will have no problem accepting them). I thought this would be just a bunch of nutters running around looking for bigfoot, but it’s fairly watchable, which is more than I can say about much of anything else on TV lately.

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