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Reviewed by Sep 26th, 2004

Now, Blair Witch comparisons are inevible. Here’s the story: two cable-tv hosts and two paranormal types go into the New Jersey woods to have a live show and look for the Jersey devil. They get pretty far into the woods, set up camp, and argue amongst themselves a lot. One of the guys runs off to get more footage or something, and disappears. Two of the others run off in search of him, but he is nowhere to be found. The tapes suddenly end, you have no idea what happened.

Well, the maladjusted psychic seems to be the only survivor. He hitches a ride to a payphone and calls 911, and eventually he goes to jail for the murders of the other three. But there’s a director that saw the footage, and is convinced jim (the accused psychic) didn’t do it. He edits a documentary from the footage and some new material, with the help of a digital-recovery gal.

There’s some interesting conspiracies and things happening in the plot, what strikes me about it is it seems well-crafted. The execution of the film leaves a bit to be desired tho. The ending is a bit of a twist. This is not one of those twist endings you see coming, my mouth was hanging open in spite of myself in the last 5 minutes or so of the movie. Wow.

So to wrap things up, i can’t even say if i like it or dislike it, but i at least gotta mention this came out *before* the Blair Witch Project…

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