Reviewed by Mar 26th, 2002

Somehow I wanted to dislike this movie at first, maybe it was the English title, or maybe it was the green Reanimator fluid. But despite the green DNX fluid, this movie is not a Reanimator ripoff at all, and in the end, I liked it.

A group of four wannabe gangsters rob a jewelry store, then call up a guy named Ramone, who purchases stolen goods at high prices. He tells them to meet him at an old abandoned factory outside of town, which is strange, because Ramone usually does business in Chinese restaurants. They don’t worry too much about this, and they drive to the factory.

Meanwhile, at a US Army base in Japan, some soldiers are talking to a Japanese scientist about his former project to bring the dead back to life. There are two bad things about this movie, and both are apparent in these scenes. One is the actors that play the US soldiers; the other is the scientist’s heavy accent, which makes it sometimes difficult to make out what he’s saying. It turns out that his research had been carried out in the very same facility that the robbers are headed to, and the US Army wants to know how they should dispose of the evidence. The best way, he says, is to blow up the whole damn factory. He activates self-destruct mode, which somehow doesn’t work.

At this point Ramone and his goons have shown up, and all hell is breaking loose.

It turns out that the freshness of the corpses affects their intelligence and mobility, which is a nice touch, but it still doesn’t explain the one superzombie’s changing haircolor (black to white, then back again). Most of the actors are fairly competent, and the gore is pretty good. Recommended.

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