Jesus Camp
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

I had to watch this for a class on persuasion and propaganda, and chose to review it here, as it is one the most truly horrifying things I’ve ever seen. Fiction has nothing on this stuff. It revolves mainly around a pastor called Becky Fischer who preaches to children and runs a religious camp called “Kids on Fire” near Devil’s Lake, ND (which, in itself, is pretty disturbing).
A young boy talks about how, when he was 6 years old or so, he ws born again, because he was searching for something, there was no fun in life, and felt the need for Jesus in his life. If you are that age and think there is no fun in life, something is seriously wrong. He says he is shy and has trouble socializing.

There are so many disturbing things here I don’t even know where to begin. The boy with the long hair in the back is shown at home, watching a “creation adventures” video in which he is told not to believe in silly things like evolution, because it says we came from slime. Next, we are told by his mother that he is home-schooled, because if she can teach as well at home, why would she send him to school? One reason I can think of: because that way he would meet normal children and perhaps would have less trouble socializing. Then she is telling him that global warming doesn’t exist and is not a big deal, no matter what politicians say. What the hell?
Perhaps the scriest parts are where the children are worked up into a frenzy and begin crying, speaking in tongues, and rolling around on the floor. Honorable mention goes to the point where a life-sized cardboard cutout of George Bush is brought in and they begin laying hands on it and yelling “one nation under god!” and praying for him. Separation of church and state indeed. Another creepy moment is where the pro-life speaker comes in with little plastic fetuses and puts red tape over the children’s mouths. Exactly what kind of a good message does it send to be putting tape over kids’ mouths?

They don’t believe i separation of church and state because they “have the truth” and America “is God’s country.” At some point they write things like “government” on glass mugs and give the children hammers to break them. Pastor Becky basically reveals herself to be a master manipulator who preys on the young because they are the most vulnerable. And to think I used to think Freddy Kreuger was a scary villain when I was young!

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