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Amy: Hello Elenyx and thanks for doing an interview! How would you describe yourself and your various projects to someone who doesn’t know about them?

Elenyx: Hello, and thanx yourself! Well..I am a multitalented artist, work in music and art in many ways. My main focus these days are the music and my bands.
I am the founder and composer of a cult dark-ambient project called Nåe( – (, and a funeral/doom-metal band called Agone ,and I am also member in a doom-project called Combath. The first Nåe album called “Naaedroem” are finished and set to be released this year, it will be sold through Concept Machine I:A `s store : The work on the second album “Heksevind” are in progress. On “Naaedroem” Svartalv ( Nocturnal Breed,Conjuration,x-Satyricon,Gehenna + + ) participates, and Sergiy from Moloch (Ukr) have the drums on one track. The album “Heksevind” is a nordic alliance between myself, Hugin of the Danish black metal band Blodarv, and IT from Abruptum, Vondur + + This album we recon will not see the light of day till next year, maybe this winter to come if things goes as planned. The concept around this album are old witchcraft , the darkness within us all and the forces surrounding us.

I also work in web-design and as a photographer,have studied art and work in this mostly with paintings and drawings. I am an x-model,quitted because I found I could not express myself enough only through this, and now the schedule is so full I simply have no time to do this in a serious way , so when I do shoots it is mostly for the fun of it.

Regarding Combath it is as I said a Alternative/Doom project. The members are along with myself ,Svartalv ( Nocturnal Breed, Conjuration, Svartalv, AIWASS (nor), 1349+ (lyrics) + X – Gehenna, Satyricon & Aeternus ) & Shaun Winter Taylor-steels ( My Dying Bride, Anathema, Vestige of Virtue, Sludge, Ironside (

Agone`s members are myself, -Shaun Winter Taylor Steels ( My Dying Bride/Combath/Vestige of Virtue/x- Sludge, Ironside, Anathema)
Guillaume Le Huche ( X-Katatonia / Rising Shadows /Eyekon/Mynjun/session member : Rev 16:8) & Ares (Aeternus) (

You’ve done some very cool art/photos/videos as well as music projects, do you have anything you’re primarily focusing on right now, or do your projects just sort of all feed off each other?

As i said, my main focus is the music, but the video-productions naturally spring from this, together with a visual expression through pictures. I feel that what I want to express never can be expressed only through one media,so yes thet feed on eachother.

Do you have a favorite visual artist?

Always been fond of Theodor Kittlelsen`s work, and would also like to mention a friend of mine , Eser Afacan which is an excellent artist, you may check his work here : . E. Elias Merhige is also an artist I would like people to watch if they have not, he is an American film director, most known for Shadow of the Vampire but I strongly recommend you checking out Begotten which is a great piece of dark art!

Is there anything else you can tell us about the Heksevind collaboration?
I am very interested in hearing this and finding out what the three of you come up with for this project!

I talked about this before in the interview, but I can add that the album will partly be recorded here in Oslo in my own record-facilities, and at Hugin`s facilities at Hammerart & Studios in Denmark (

I think I’ve seen things on your pics about animal welfare, and this makes me think of all the people out there in the metal scene who are into idiotic posturing about being “brutal” and hating everything, having no problem with cruelty to animals and such. Do you think such people are all talk, and just trying to be “cool?” I can’t understand cruelty unless someone/-thing deserves cruelty

. is almost so that I don`t feel like answering this, because yes I believe that cruelty are in its place when someone/something really deserves it, but I look upon this as the last way of sorting an issue you may have with someone, or in this case,-an issue you have with yourself – as this is what is the case regarding animal cruelty.
If one have to express these kind of feelings towards anything that cannot defend themselves you are not just showing off, you are low in every way and show in the end that intelligence is not something you possess! I believe as i said that cruelty can be justified when someone really deserves it, but still then i believe that you must face equality, if not you are just a coward!

What are your feelings on the Norwegian separation of church and state issue that recently passed? Does this really help things and do you think other countries will follow? (While we may not have a state church in the USA, the idea of politicians trying to get votes by saying they are “god-fearing” and “church-going” rather appalls me.)

I think it is a good thing, and about TIME that they separated state and church! Way too long have the church had power in our country and i believe that this separation is amongst one of the things that will help us eventually to weaken this power amongst the population and preferably get rid of it in the end.. even though I must say I don`t believe this will happen seen from a plain view.

Is there anything you are listening to lately that you would recommend?

hm..I really don`t listen to much “new” music.. Only thing I can recommend is getting your hands on the material from “Fear of God ” and “Detente” where Dawn Crosby was vocalist (RIP) She was one of the most exquisite female-vocalist I`ve ever heard, with such an energy and unique expression.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I appreciate doing the intervju, would like to greet all my fans and a huge thanx for the support all the way!



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