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Hi and thanks for doing the interview! Could you introduce yourself and the band?

SardoniS is a two-man army healing from Belgium. On the 666strings there is Roel and I, Jelle, am sweating it out behind the drumkit. We play instrumental heavy songs and we play them very loud. People have compared us before with bands like High in Fire, Electric Wizard and Sabbath.

You are working on a full-length, correct? Could you tell us a bit about that and when you think it’ll be out?

The full album will be a continuation of the EP; we’ll record some traditional doom alike songs mixed with the more uptempo sludgy High in Fire style. Songs that are done already and that we play live are “THE WOLF’S LAIR” and “THOR”. We’ll pick up an older one named “CRADLE TO CRADLE” and we’ll also record the new fucker “TO THE BARN!” We’re currently working on some new shit and try to have a total of nine to ten songs of which we will pick seven to eight for the album. We’ll also record some bonus stuff, but I can’t tell you much about that at this moment. We hope to meet a label that wants to do a cd version of our full album and Electric Earth will probably release it on vinyl, although we leave all doors open. Plan is to release it after the summer of 2009.

Did you originally want to be a 2-person band or did it just turn out that way? Did you always intend on being an instrumental-only band? When I listen to this, it just feels complete anyway, like vocals would be totally unnecessary.

We began jamming and creating walls of sounds in the summer of 2006 and it felt good with just the two of us, so quite early we decided to go along the road as a two-man band. Many people tell us that they experience a total band, a total sound and that vocals or a bass guitar are unnecessary. That’s nice to hear! Not that we’re opposed to introduce vocals to the band and if the right person crosses our path, then maybe SardoniS will have vocals in the future. But for the moment it feels right doing our shit with just the two of us.

It’s cool that you went for vinyl also, what do you like best about the vinyl format?

With this debut EP we wanted to present SardoniS to the people and we decided to go for a limited vinyl release of 250 copies. 200 black and 50 limited white ones wich sold out in less then 4 days. We’re both hardcore aficionados of the vinyl format and we rarely buy cd’s, so the choice for vinyl was quickly made. The delicate and warm sound of a vinyl record is unbeatable.

How do you feel that the internet and downloads, etc. are affecting bands today?

The internet is a good thing, it brings people with a common passion for music together and we can only learn from each other. Free downloads… we just don’t do that shit because we support the band by buying their music. I’m convinced that true fans will download through Itunes or a payable website to obtain a bands work. It’s everybody’s own responsibility… not much more to say on that.

Do you guys have any other projects or have you played in other bands before Sardonis?

Roel is 36 and I’m 30, we’re both playing in bands since we were fourteen years and if I have to make a list of bands where we both played in, then it would be quite extensive and boring cause most of the bands/projects existed for just a short period. During the mid 90’s I played in a band named VICTIM 34; pure sludgy doomcore, followed by several trash/punk/HC/metal bands. Roel played in even more bands then I did and still does the guitar for MR MAMA and SOLENOID; a NWOBHM band with a Mötorhead edge who will release their debut this month.

Any particular reason you chose the name Sardonis? Also any stories behind the song titles or were they just chosen because they sounded cool or fit the music?

In the eighties there was a very popular weekly television show for kids on the Flemish national television named ‘Merlina’. It was the cliché story of the good hunting the bad. In this case a group of detectives were chasing down a group of villains who kidnapped children, terrorized the elder… The bad guys were lead by this super villain named Sardonis. When we were young and we did something bad, our mama always told us to be nice, otherwise SardoniS would come and get us. He was the demon of our youth. We think it is a great name for the band.

We don’t have a specific philosophy when we write and compose the songs, but the magic hits the rehearsal room when the right riff flows out of the cabinet and that special atmosphere pops up. When a song is finished we baptize it with a name that suits the feeling of the song. Just listen to ‘Nero D’avola’ which is Italian for ‘black fog’ and you’ll know what I mean.

I understand that you play live too. How has that been so far? How are the reactions in general?

On September 1st, we released the 7”EP and during the three months after that we did about fifteen shows to promote the EP. We shared the stage with Kongh, Switchblade, Obiat, Grand Magus, SerpentCult, Pelican, Torche and many other great bands. The reactions are beyond our expectations. We had hoped that some people would appreciate and maybe be enthusiastic about it, but we never imagined getting this massive response.

What have you been listening to lately? Anything you would recommend?

Female fronted Belgian SerpentCult just released their debut full album ‘Weight of Light’ in courtesy of Rise Above Records. If you want to hear something heavy with a fresh and new sound, check them out! No shameless propaganda for Electric Earth Records here, but US trio Black Pyramid is a killer band and recommended if you’re into some psychedelic epic stonerdoom. Also Cough, Moloch, Kongh, Thou,… are laying on the turntable these days.

What is the best way to contact you/get your stuff?

If you live in the US, then you can get one of the last copies of the 7” via or There are a few distro’s in Europe where you can find the 7”, just contact us through for information. The cheapest and most easy way to obtain our songs, is to download them from one of the bigger download website like Itunes, Napster,… SardoniS gets a % of every download, so your money is well invested and will be used to record more songs of thunder & lightning.

Merchandise (shirts, girlies and hoodies) is worldwide exclusively available through

Anything you’d like to add?

Thanks go out to you for the interview and all who took the time to read it. We hope we can make it to the States one day and meet some of you on tour. If you’re interested in our mayhem, be sure to visit the website at

Keep it heavy and thanks for supporting the brotherhood of SardoniS!

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