Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

Years ago I remember hearing about these and searching everywhere for them and finding little besides overpriced bootlegs and screenshots on a few websites. Thankfully, nearly everything on earth is on DVD now, so I no longer have to wonder what these films are, I can just watch them. The first GP film I saw was Flower of Flesh and Blood, but it was Mermaid in a Manhole that I was looking for years ago. Afer reading the plot synopsis, this is the one I really wanted to see, just because it sounded so bizarre. An artist finds a mermaid in the sewer, takes her home, and she develops sores.

Our protagonist finds his dead cat, Chibi, in the sewer, and decides he has to paint him. He carried his sketchbook everywhere, and begins sketching when he hears a noise and goes to investigate. Predictably, he finds a naked young woman with a fish tail where her legs should be. He’s seen her once before, in the river. Now the river has dried up and she is stranded in the sewer. Life in the sewers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, though. She seems ill, and has developed sores. He takes her home and gets her medicine, which he sprinkles on her tail.

He then starts painting her, because that it his mission. The sore on her stomach spreads and sort of eats away at her waist. It continues to spread, and she explains that she is filled with tumors of seven colors, or some such nonsense, and that she suffers terribly. Indeed, colorful pus or something comes out of the tumors and she collects it into a jar for him to paint with. First yellow, then purple. Much screaming ensues. More jars are filled with colorful pus. They must have bougth out the local bait shop. Lots of worms. More worms, more screaming, more pus. Buckets of gore. The mermaid sort of turns into the Toxic Avenger and weird shit happens. Nice use of worms and lizards, and the effects are pretty cool. Visually it’s very nice, very interesting special effects. The acting isn’t bad for something that is such a purposeful gross-out fest. This is a quality way to waste an hour.

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