Gorgoroth – Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Reviewed by Nov 7th, 2009

gorgorothI was almost hesitant to listen to this. For the past few years, Gorgoroth has been more or less a circus. The only thing more annoying than the members of Gorgoroth were the fans (and also those who dislike them and say so loudly and often). The most amusing part, for me, was when Infernus started calling his version of the band “the force Gorgoroth.” It made me imagine Jedi Hobbits. May the force be with you, Frodo, I mean Infernus… In the end, Infernus got the band name back, but everyone wondered if he could still write music. If he could still write, why the hell was he letting King do all the writing for so long? I don’t know, but I guess Infernus can still write.

First, let me say that there are a few things wrong with this album. First of all, no one is going to remember that album title. Second, the album cover. The plain black covers were classy. This is cheesy. Third, “Aneuthanasia.” What a shitty and generic opening track. It sounds like every second rate black metal band of the past ten years rolled into three minutes. I nearly wept with boredom. I read a few reviews of the album and people liked this shit, I can’t understand it at all. Of course, many reviews have also gone on and on about “the true members of Gorgoroth” returning and getting rid of those assholes, King and Gaahl. The same people were probably praising King and Gaahl not too long ago. What happened to listening to the music? I don’t give a damn about the in-fighting. This is why I don’t frequent music review sites. No one ever pays attention to the music. I digress as usual.

Thankfully, “Prayer” begins to redeem the album. I’ve also heard all of this compared to Antichrist a lot. It does not sound like Antichrist to me, except the guitar tone. Yes, the writing is similar, and the guitars sound is similar, but there is a good reason for that: Infernus wrote the stuff and played all the guitars. Oh, and another similarity is the length. This is only slightly more than thirty minutes long. I guess it’s just that, for me, the quality of the guitar parts weren’t quite at the level of Antichrist. They were adequate, yes, but I mean they are just not as memorable in general, and a couple of the tracks feel like filler.

And of course I can’t write this review without rambling a bit about Pest. There have been albums that have been entirely fantastic due mostly to Pest’s vocals. This is not one of them. Like Infernus’ guitar playing, Pest’s vocals are good but nothing really stands out. I felt like it was missing something partway through, then it hit me: singing. There was a wee bit of singing on one of the songs here, but it only serves to remind you that it just wasn’t as good as anything on, say, Under the Sign of Hell.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is better than 99.9% of all black metal albums released recently. However, because I want to compare it to early Gorgoroth, I am holding it to a higher standard, and I feel that it falls slightly short. It’s good, but I was probably expecting something better.

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