God Bless America
Reviewed by Feb 5th, 2013

“God Bless America” is basically a rant against the celebrity culture, bigots, and rude people, and how these are becoming increasingly common.

Frank is basically a good guy who’s fallen on hard times. He just got fired for being accused of sexual harrassment, his daughter wants nothing to do with him and is a brat, his doctor has just told him he has a brain tumor, his neighbors are assholes. It seems he nothing worth living for. Frank also feels completely alienated by celebrity culture and reality television, and he misses the days when people could have a real conversation rather than talking about what happened on TV last night or constantly checking their phones. Just when he’s about to shoot himself, he decides maybe he should take down a few others with him. People who deserve to die.

After watching this, I just had to look at other reviews to see how many people pitched a fit about the opening scene where Frank silences an annoying baby once and for all. I laughed. Apparently, some people didn’t.

Some of the scenes here are comedic gold. I enjoyed the doctor talking about anal sex on his cellphone in the middle of diagnosing Frank with an inoperable tumor, and the scene where Frank explains to his new teenage sidekick that not all middle-aged men want to fuck teenage girls (Fuck you, Vladimir Nabakov!).

The satirical news/tv show clips were another high point, and were pretty much spot-on.

The low point was the way Frank rants a bit too much at times. It just comes off as more of a rant than a movie when this happens. Some of it is necessary, but it becomes excessive here and there.

Likewise, the talking about who should be killed. People who high five? People who drink energy drinks all day? (Fuck you, Bobcat. Some of us get really fucking tired sometimes.) The Alice Cooper bit turns into a bit of a manic rant that goes on too long, too.

The characters tend to get overshadowed by the rant-y nature of the movie. It’s a fairly entertaining dark comedy, but I feel like the execution was a bit flawed. I would have liked more character development, and the ranting bits to be a bit less lengthy.


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