Female Trouble
Reviewed by Jan 24th, 2004

Female Trouble details the life on Dawn Davenport (Divine), from her early days as a schoolgirl, to her last words. After a fight with her parents about not getting cha cha heels for Christmas, Dawn runs away. A man (also played by Divine) picks her up and has sex with her on the side of the road. She never sees him again, but she is pregnant with a baby girl, Taffy (Mink Stole).

Dawn marries a hairdresser, and gets involved with the salon owners (David Lochary and Mary Vivian Pearce) and their “crime is beauty” photo sessions. Dawn goes insane, and the movie chronicles ever moment of it.

I love all of John Waters’ movies from the Dreamland days, but this is definitely my favorite. This film is a fabulously funny assault on American culture and values, and the cast (particularly Divine and Mink Stole) are in top form. The shots of Aunt Ida (Edith Massey) walking down the street with frizzy blonde hair and an amazingly outrageous outfit will stick with me until the day I die. One of the best pieces of trash out there.

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