Fatty Drives the Bus
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

Gore Gore Girl and I were wading through the Troma section of our favorite local video store when we stumbled across this modern classic. The directing and acting are gleefully amateurish, but it made us remember something important: sometimes, watching a movie should be fun.

First, we meet Satan, the formidable foe of mankind complete with horns and stretchpants. He wants to kill a tour bus full of innocent people. Their deaths were originally canceled because Jesus happened to be in Chicago as well. Satan puts in a personal appearance by entering a Willa Wonka-like transformation machine, emerging as an amiable tour guide named Roger.

If it all sounds a bit wacky, that’s because it is. We meet all the characters next, who all tend to be likeably quirky (especially the “weird couple” and the “glamorous” drag queen). Satan, in disguise as the tour guide, runs around getting people to sign away their souls while showing all the important landmarks in Chicago, like Wrigley Field and the scene of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

Will Jesus save the tour bus, or will they all go to Hell? Would pressing that one button blast them all off into outer space? Where does Fatty stand in all of this? All this and a particularly ridiculous ending in Fatty Drives the Bus.

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