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Q: “Will you review our _____?”

A: Yes! At least, if it’s horror or b-movie-related. If we don’t have a section for it, we’ll make one! Feel free to send movies, books, ebooks, video games, etc. for guaranteed review. Contact for contact info.

Q: “Can I review movies/books/etc?”

If you’re interested, please send a sample review (of something NOT reviewed on the site). If you’d want to submit reviews more regularly, please tell us what kind of movies you watch the most. We’re especially looking for people to review foreign horror and classic horror (and horror fiction!). =0) please note that all reviews submitted are subject to approval/dismissal by me, and must include the name of the director, some cast members, and a rating on a scale of six. see any of our reviews for examples. please send reviews in a text (*.txt) file or in the body of an email.

if you’re interested in helping out, please contact

Q: “How long has video-nasties been around”

A: Since 1999.

Q: “Is this a zombie site?”

No! Yes, I happen to like zombies, but if you looked further than the address bar you would see that this is a general horror site.

Q: “Why haven’t you reviewed ____ yet?”

It may come as a surprise, but I don’t own every horror movie in the world, and neither do the video stores around here. Give me time, I’m working on it…

Q: “I can’t believe you liked/hated ___!”

I’m more than happy to discuss views on movies, but please make sure you’re writing to the person who reviewed the film. On each review page in the left column you will see “reviewed by” and an email link.

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