Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish
Reviewed by Nov 13th, 2002

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is 209 pages of alien-oriented fiction, sex, and philosophy by some person or entity called Supervert. The core of the story revolves around Mercury DeSade, a computer programmer who, you guessed it, has a thing for aliens. Since he can’t find an actual alien, he tries to make do by kidnapping human girls and drenching them in Lime Gatorade (thus turning them into a “little green man”). He finds another girl in a bar, has sex with her, kills her with a laptop, and spells “ALIEN” across her forehead with the keyboard keys.

There are also “Alien Sex Scenes,” which are short glimpses of Mercury’s fantasies of otherworldy beings. Many other chapters concern “Exophilosophy,” and quote many of history’s more important philosophers who happened to think about extraterrestrials. Science-fact is placed right alongside the science-fiction.

One section describes a NASA report about sexual relations in space, and concludes that “in short, sex without gravity is sadomasochistic sodomy with gadgets.” “There are plenty of gay bars,” the narrator ponders, “but where are the grey bars?” There is much dark humor throughtout the text, which bring to mind Burroughs or Cronenberg.

In the book afterword, the author says that many will “reject ETSF as pornography. Pornographers will reject it as philosophy.” Indeed, it has the trappings of both. The style is modeled loosely on modernist literature, William Burroughs’ influence is easy to recognize here. While it’s possible to read the sections (the de Sade story, the de Sade fantasies, the “Lessons in Exophilosphy,” and so on, in order, it’s also possible to read from page one to page 209, which makes a word-collage out of the sections.

In short, a lot of people might turn away because of the unorthodox sexual content here, but it’s a thought-provoking and interesting work. It is available through

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