Reviewed by Mar 6th, 2010

Henry is a guy with big hair that lives in a sort of industrial wasteland. His girlfriend Mary has a baby, which looks sort of like a penis with an E.T. head. Mrs. Roundcheeks lives in his radiator, and is best described in a quote by Lynch himself: “One day I was sitting in the food room, and I just drew this little lady, and little foetuses were falling out of her. And I thought she would live in the radiator where it’s nice and warm, and this would be a real comfort for Henry.” And with all that being said, words really don’t do this movie justice.

Eraserhead was David Lynch’s first feature-length film, begun while he was at the Centre for Advanced Film Studies. His style is still very apparent, and it’s a shame that this fabulously surreal movie is so hard to find.

While a lot of people are going to think this film’s pace is on the slow side, it’s better that way because it adds a lot to the mood. Henry’s world is slowly becoming more and more nightmarish, and I think a quicker pace would have been a detriment to the film. There is very little dialogue, and quite a few smashed fetuses and umbilical cord looking things. The hallucination parts are pretty disturbing, and the baby… well, you need to see the baby for yourself. A truly weird movie.

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