District 9
Reviewed by Oct 24th, 2009

I remember seeing the commercials for this and not being terribly impressed. I ended up watching it anyway. The main idea here is that an alien ship ran out of fuel and ended up in Johannesburg, where the locals make them stay in District 9, a slumlike area where they live amongst human gangsters and prostitutes. The humans call them “prawns” because of their crustacean-like appearance; tall, thin, insect-like, and very strong. Still, the humans don’t like them being too near to them. The MNU organization wants to send them somewhere further out in the country, and it’s decided that they should all be served with eviction notices.

Wikus Van De Merwe is a wimpy dude with a clipboard, trying to get giant aliens to sign eviction notices, with no luck whatsoever. He gets roughed up a bit, and his main interest seems to be in where the aliens are hiding weapons, and what kind of artifacts he can find in their homes. Alien weapons are made in a way that only aliens can use them, so even though the gangsters have bought some with cat food, they can’t use them. Wikus finds a strange canister filled with black liquid, which squirts in his face, making him sick. He’s taken away and begins to mutate a bit. Now everyone wants to kill him, so he hides with Christopher (an alien, the one who had the canister).

This is mostly presented in documentary form, with various types of camera work and surveillance cameras, interview footage with townspeople and Wikus’ wife, and news footage.

The documentary style works well, though the movie is not without its flaws. Wikus is the only character that is fairly well-rounded, others tend to be a bit cartoonish. His father in law wants to harvest Wikus’ organs after Wikus gets infected, which makes no sense. He also turns his wife against him by claiming that Wikus had sex with an alien. Wikus is now the only human who can operate alien machinery, so you’d think they would want him alive. Meanwhile, gangsters want to eat him!

Overall though, a pretty decent scifi movie, one of the better ones to come out recently. The effects are nice, and the story moves along pretty quickly and you could read a lot of social commentary into it.

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  1. He totally wasted that badass mech suit though! Totally could have owned all of those guys lol.

    November 7th, 2009

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