Desolate One interview by Hail und Kill
Reviewed by Jul 24th, 2009

Raw Black Metal in the glorious tradition of Sarcofago and Bathory will never die, simply because there are too many kids are playing it these days. Desolate One count themselves proud members of the horde and have recently completed an essential BM rite of passage by releasing a demo. For lovers of all things raw, bestial, and brutal, here’s frontman Nuclear Tormentor on not programmed drums, his early influences, and the future of publishing.

Hello Desolate One, so which of you is Nuclear Tormentor again? Who’s who in the band?

Nuclear Tormentor (a.k.a. Robin Brownfield): Yeah, I call myself many names and Nuclear Tormentor is the one that shows up on the demo. The vocalist is Hideous Possessor, and our bass player hasn’t decided on a pseudonym yet.

You just released a demo. How has the reception been so far? How many copies are available?

NT: People seem to dig our first demo. I don’t give a shit really though. More demos will come out just to piss everyone off. There’s around 60 or so copies left in various distros.

Was it home recorded or did you have to find a studio to work in?

NT: I did it totally home recorded. I recorded the drums (they’re actually REAL) and guitars, then a few months later some friends of mine came over and recorded their parts.

Did laying down the tracks prove especially grueling or was the whole affair wrapped up with raw black metal efficiency?

NT: It wasn’t too hard.

Will you guys be releasing demos ONLY or will a Desolate One full-length eventually come out in the future?

NT: I do want a full length in the future. But I want to record that in some sort of pro situation. Right now I just record dirty and quick. Until then, more filthy demos!

Are there still a lot of previously unheard songs and bits of music that are just lying around until your next release?

NT: Yes. I’ve recorded a lot of cover songs from classic bands like Bathory, Sarcofago, Blasphemy, and Beherit. There are a few original tracks that are devoid of vocals, expect those to be completed on a future release.

Satisfied with how the demo turned out? What is your idea of the ultimate Desolate One release?

NT: Quite satisfied. The artist Sadomasochristo did a terrific job and worked for free so cheers to him. The ultimate release would be deluxe 180-gram vinyl with the best material I could possibly record.

Has anyone ever flamed your band, posted disparaging messages on any discussion board, or—dare I say—called you guys “posers” for whatever reason? Well, you know how discriminating the black metal community is?

NT: No. This usually only happens to wannabe bedroom bands.

How long have you guys been pushing Desolate One forward by the way?

NT: I formed this band in early 2008. It was a nameless project, and I was writing material. None of it was recorded and most of the riffs were thrown away. But the spirit was the same.

You guys play live a lot? Care to name and describe the venues?

What do you do when the bands sharing the night’s roster aren’t to your liking (or suck)?
NT: We’ve never played live, due to me sharing the duties of drummer and guitar player. I’m trying to find a decent drummer who worships classic primitive extreme metal, but no luck yet.

At what point in your lives did you acquire a taste for raw kvlt black metal?

NT: When I was in sixth grade, I discovered the first Bathory album. It appealed to me immediately, even though I was really only into early Slayer at the time. I was quite a kvlt 12 year old. And yes, I consider Bathory black metal to the bone. “Welcome darling, to my Sacrifice!”

Which of your favorite influences do you still listen to on a daily basis?

NT: I listen to all of them daily. “Fallen Angel of Doom,” “The Return…” and “Drawing Down the Moon” as well as “Apocalyptic Raids” all get regular spins. I’m quite a fan of classic metal records like “Sad Wings of Destiny” and “Master of Reality,” though they don’t directly influence Desolate One.

Did this shift in musical taste coincide with a desire to play music?

NT: I never really had a shift in musical taste. I played in a thrash band similar to the early raw Voivod, but never had a “black metal revelation.”

Do you have any labels or distros that you frequently patronize to sate your musical appetite?

NT: I don’t deal with distros as much as I trade with other collectors. But when I do, I support Nuclear War Now. You can always expect great service from them. Also Darkness Shade Records and Thorn Laceration, because they carry the Desolate One demo.

Which member of Desolate One has the biggest record collection?

NT: I definitely have the largest collection (which also means the largest penis). I live for completism.

Has your musical tastes ever motivated you to commit arson or engage in any sacrilegious activities?

NT: I do all of this for fun. The musical taste just happens to be a coincidence!

Hobbies? Do you guys read books on the occult or look up your World War 2 history often?

NT: My hobbies include wearing corpse paint and taking pictures of myself in the forest with plastic spikes and putting them on MySpace. Just kidding of course.

Will the internet replace books in the near future?

NT: I don’t think so. Try reading a whole novel on a computer screen. It will make your eyes bleed.

Can you name some of the gayest bands you despise?

NT: Sure! Mostly bands that are “depressive suicidal” black metal. They can’t create an atmosphere to save their lives (irony). There are a lot of them here in California and they are sickeningly bad. They make music only to be part of the ‘scene’ yet have nothing to add to the underground. Then there are the countless seas of faggot deathcore bands; these aren’t even worth the breath it takes to make fun of them. Off with their heads!

Alright, time to wrap. Thanks for the patience Desolate One. When was the last time any of you crashed in on each other’s house?

NT: What do you mean? Like crash a vehicle into their house? Never, but thanks for the idea! Cheers to anyone who likes our demo!


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  1. I’d like to clear something up. My real name is NOLAN Brownfield, not Robin Brownfield. That’s my mother’s name!

    The first tape has been sold out for months, but there’s a new demo to be out in December. Desecrate the Night will be limited to 100 copies on pro-tape (the first had dubbed tape) with 50 of one cover by DSR, and 50 of a Sadomasochris piece. The music will be more raw, and will have dirty bass played by Magus of Hades (T. Beals). Overall better.


    --Nolan Brownfield
    November 2nd, 2009

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