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I saw a making-of thing of this movie, and Fulci said he was old and sick. Maybe that’s why this movie was so unimpressive. And I love Fulci movies. I’m used to the pacing being slow, the plot incoherent, and eyeballs being ripped out for no good reason. Heck, I even like these things about Fulci movies… I didn’t think anyone could go too wrong with idea of demonic nuns, but Fulci manages to make this movie stink pretty bad.

First off, we meet some annoying archaeologist and her companions on a trip to Italy or somewhere thereabouts. She discovered a hidden passageway to a crypt where five nuns of questionable virtue were crucified. Some annoying asshole is giving her orders not to return to the crypt, because they have other business to do. The townspeople don’t want them digging around anywhere, and believe its their fault people are dying.

Fulci himself cameos as a bumbling inspector, which is one of the few good points of the film. Other than that, this is a very slow boring film without any real redeeming value. The killer nuns are barely in the movie at all, and don’t have a whole lot to do with the plot except for a good excuse to show nuns getting laid and doing particularly nasty things to the babies. There are a few gore scenes here and there thrown in for shock value. For no apparent reason, a headless nude woman ghost kills a guy with a bow and arrow, cats rip the eyes out of a woman (hilariously bad!), and a man is gruesomely ripped in half. The dialogue is excruciately bad and nonsensical.

This is the only Fulci movie I’ve seen that I’ve been seriously disappointed with on all levels. It’s boring, there is nothing really exciting going on, there is no plot, and not even enough gore/creepiness/weirdness to hold my attention. Blah.

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