Dead Silence
Reviewed by Feb 28th, 2010

I saw the advertisements and read the summary of this, and I was pretty apprehensive about watching it. I’ve seen about ten too many killer doll movies, and that’s what this one looked like at first glance.

But it’s not a killer doll movie, it’s a back from the dead killer ventriloquist movie, and that makes all the difference. Jamie recieves an unmarked package containing a ventriloquist dummy named Billy. His wife is amused; he is not. She sends him out to get Chinese take out. When he arrives, she’s dead and her tongue has been removed.

He’s the last person who saw her alive, and his statement that he heard her speak when her tongue was gone and she was dead doesn’t exactly give him credibility in the eyes of the police. He goes off to see his estranged father, and instead of talking about more pressing matters, he just mentions a children’s rhyme about Mary Shaw, a woman who had dolls instead of children.

This leads him to the funeral home, where he talks about burial arrangements for his wife and, bizarrely, goes to the cemetery, finds Billy the doll’s grave, and buries him again. But as Stephen King once said, sometimes they come back.

The special effects are pretty good, and it never ventures too far into killer doll territory, thankfully. There is a curse on a bunch of people who got revenge on an old woman ventriloquist after a young boy’s disappearance, all sorts of puppets, people getting their tongues ripped out, and a nursery rhyme suggesting that if you ever see Mary Shaw, you should never scream.

I imagine that by this time next year I will have completely forgotten the existence of this movie, but it’s a fun waste of an evening in the meantime.

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