Dead Alive
Reviewed by Oct 24th, 2006

The movie opens up with a scene of a zoo employee capturing a Sumatran rat monkey on Skull Island. When the monkey bites him through the cage, tha natives have no choice but to kill him (and get paid for capturing the monkey themselves).

Meanwhile, we see Lionel taking orders from his domineering mother. Paquita, a grocery store worker, delivers him his groceries and tricks him into taking her to the zoo. Lionel’s mother ends up spying on them at the zoo, until she ends up getting bitten by the rat monkey. Mother really takes a turn for the worse after the monkey-bite. She has dinner with a couplefrom the Welfare League, leading to some scenes not for the weak of stomach. Actually, the entire movie is one huge hilarious splatter-fest.

Overall, the acting is good. While I don’t know for sure if it lives up to the tagline of “The goriest fright film ever made,” I can’t recall off hand so much blood and guts packed into any other movie. Which leads me to the effects, which are great. There are quite a few scenes of death, dismemberment, and mutilation that you will never see anywhere else. And even with all the gore, the story remains solid, and the jokes still work.

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