Day of the Dead
Reviewed by Oct 24th, 2005

The third in Romero’s Dead trilogy, Day of the Dead is yet another take on the idea of what a handful of people in a small place might do in the event of a zombie takeover. Somehow, this idea doesn’t get old in hands of Romero. This time, there are some scientists, a pilot, an electrician, and a military unit (who are constantly at odds with everyone else) who shack up in an underground missile silo.

A scientist nicknamed “Dr. Frankenstein” is working on a way to control the zombies, by rewarding them for good behavior. Everyone else thinks he’s a crackpot. Eventually he shows them his star pupil, a zombie he calls “Bub.” Bub doesn’t freak out when humans come into the room with him, he likes listening to his tape recorder, and even pretends to talk on the telephone. But all hell breaks loose when it’s accidentally discovered that Bub’s “rewards” happen to be dead soldier’s body parts. Things get pretty grisly and things really start moving at this point.

I can see why a lot of people don’t like this film. The characters could’ve been rounded out a bit more. Most are either too well-meaning, totally evil, or just insane. In fact, I thought Bub was the most sympathetic character in the movie. Bub’s last scene was, to me, the best part of the entire film. The effects are great, all kinds of weird gruesome things are on tables in the doc’s laboratory.

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