Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

As the lights dimmed down in the theatre, the opening credits announced that this is the REAL sequel to The Toxic Avenger. And though knowing that Lloyd Kaufman himself was in the theater helped matters, Citizen Toxie did not disappoint. Heads are crushed, cars explode, a schoolroom of “special” students get massacred, and there’s a scene of a dolphin-person with two masturbating superheroes against a backdrop of an American flag. The Tromeo and Juliet monster penis even makes a cameo appearance. Yes folks, this is quality Troma.

On to the story. The Diaper Mafia is slaughtering a room full of Special Students and tormenting their teacher (Debbie Rochon). Toxie and his faithful sidekick, LardAss, show up and beat up the baddies. But due to explosions and various other factors, Toxie and his evil twin Noxie switch into each other’s dimensions. As could be expected, both find this disturbing.

Both Toxie and Noxie get into all sorts of predicaments. After LardAss’ death, Toxie rescues Special kids “Sweetie Honey” and Tito, the “Retarded Rebel.” This is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long, long time. A worthy and fun Toxic Avenger sequel.

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