Christiane F
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

I’m glad I changed the site description from “horror” to something like “general trash,” because otherwise I couldn’t just review anything I had lying around the house. This movie tells us what we all knew all along: being bored, having funky hair colors, and listening to David Bowie leads directly to heroin addiction and teenage prostitution.

On a serious note, this movie is directed fairly well, and supposedly based on a book supposedly based on a true story. The English dubbing isn’t terribly good, and I have yet to watch it with the orginal German dialogue. Christiane is a thirteen year old who begins experimenting with drugs. She soon finds out her boyfriend is on heroin and prostituting himself to older gay men.

Some of the situations are fairly contrived. Like after Christiane and her boyfriend go through a horrific withdrawal, they don’t even think twice about shooting up again. There are an overabundane of overdramatic situations which are supposed to make you all emotional and stuff. Christiane becoming a child-whore, her friends dying, discovering her boyfriend having buttsex with a john, selling all her Bowie records for heroin… Now, I’m not making light of some of the situations, but I think it all could have been done better. And the movie’s two hours and ten minutes running time make it all the more dismal.

The acting isn’t too bad, especially considering the age of the actors. The drug scenes are pretty damn convincing and it is a pretty shocking movie for its time. The soundtrack consists entirely of Bowie songs, and I have to say it’s kind of weird because every time they enter a club they frequent, the only music is David Bowie stuff. It’s just unconvincing that they don’t play anything else. Bowie himself makes a horrific cameo appearance also.

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