Bride of Reanimator
Reviewed by Jan 10th, 2010

Herbert West is back – and now’s he’s fast-talking his friend Dr. Cain into bringing back the dead by using Cain’s girlfriend’s heart, and his friend’s head in the project.

Meanwhile, the “survivors” (or not) of the Miskatonic Massacre escape, a police officer sticks his nose too far into West’s business, and madness generally ensues.

The zombies are pretty cool, even though I’m not too fond of talking zombies. Dr. Hill’s detached head provides some great comic relief, as with some of the scenes with West’s partial reanimations.

In the outrageous conclusion of the film, the full body is brought to life, and Dr. Cain’s living lover gets jealous. The acting is pretty cool as is the script. Not a bad sequel, all in all. I was kind of disappointed in the ending, which follows the original HP Lovecraft story Herbert West: Reanimator’s conclusion. Very high entertainment value.

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