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Greetings and thanks for doing the interview! Could you introduce the band a bit, who does what, etc?

Bone Fragments is a two-person band, formed in 2006 by Sassafras and Tormentor. We started Bone Fragments as a convergence between black metal and dark circus music. Sassafras is really the musical creator behind Bone Fragments. He writes almost all of the music, and plays most of the guitar leads along with some of the rhythm sections. Tormentor plays mostly rhythm guitar, and is the creative influence behind the songs. She writes all the lyrics, and also steers the songwriting in a direction to create a particular mood or atmosphere. We both do vocals also. Since there are only two of us, the contributions are pretty equal. It also makes it easier to perfect our songs; we don’t settle for mediocrity. If a song isn’t a 10, it won’t make it on the CD. We take our music very seriously.

Did you have any particularly disturbing childhood experiences with clowns, or are they just cool because they are evil? why are clowns better subject matter than, say… Satan? Is this a new subsubsubgenre, circus blackmetal?

Tormentor: Actually, I used to be terrified of clowns. I didn’t really have one single traumatic experience, they just bothered me. I couldn’t stand to look at them. Then when I was 15 I decided to face my fears, and I started exploring artwork that depicted evil clowns. Needless to say, it quickly turned into an obsession. I started seeking out anything that had to do with clowns: pictures, movies, stories, but mostly I loved the circus music. When Sassafras and I finally met up, we decided to create black metal that would resemble a very dark and twisted rendition of clown music. The first Bone Fragments song ever written was Decapitated Clowns. I’m actually a little surprised that something like circus metal doesn’t already exist. It actually seems pretty natural, given the evil reputation that clowns have. The songs on Circus Maleficus tell disturbing tales of clown terror and violence, which creates an eerie atmosphere. It makes the music more unique; we really don’t have much of an opinion on Satan, but clowns have always been of great interest to us.

What made you put this stuff on the cover? I was nearly horrified, I thought it couldn’t possibly be a black metal CD because there were bright colors on it.

Yeah, we have been getting mixed reactions to the cover. A lot of people think the image isn’t fitting because at first glance it doesn’t seem as dark as the music. The picture we used was actually created by Sassafras a couple months before Bone Fragments formed. To us, the artwork is very fitting. The front and back covers are actually sections of a larger picture depicting various malevolent and vulgar clown creatures. Despite the bright colors, it is a very dark image, but it does take a little exploration. We haven’t yet started planning the artwork for the second CD; it will probably be something completely different but equally disturbing.

How have the reactions been so far?

Overall we have been getting positive feedback. People seem to be enjoying the circus themes, although I think it takes some time to get into it. We have been asked if we are a joke band. We are not a joke band at all; in fact we take our music very seriously, and put a lot of time and effort into our first demo. Due to our constraints on recording time, it took us two years to perfect the four songs used on Circus Maleficus, because we are very particular about our work. I think that really comes through in the music; people seem to be impressed with the guitar playing and vocals. The only complaints are the drumming, which is something that we will definitely be improving upon for the next CD.

What are your future plans? I see from the liner notes that you intend to be around for many decades to come. Are you working on new material now?

Bone Fragments will definitely be around for years to come. We are in the process of planning our relocation to a much colder, darker climate that will hopefully add a new dimension to our songwriting. We are currently working on songs for our next CD which does not yet have a tentative release date, but hopefully recording will begin within the next few months. Our second CD is going to be longer than Circus Maleficus, and will also be incorporating some new elements, like bass guitar, keyboards, and hopefully real drums. The new material is definitely different from our first CD, but there will still be darkness, clowns, and a whole lot of terror, so keep an eye out for updates!

What are you guys listening to lately? Any recommendations?

Some bands we have been listening to a lot lately are Nokturnal Mortum, Windir, Forest Silence (Great atmospheric work from Hungary), Coldworld, Walknut, Bethlehem, Paysage d’Hiver, etc.….. All are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

What is the best way to get your stuff/contact you?

Anyone who wants to contact us or get a copy of our CD can send us a message at our email, or through our MySpace page, http://www. myspace. com/bonefragments2. We make the CDs ourselves, so we usually don’t have many on hand, but you can shoot us a message and we will put one together as soon as possible and send it out.

Anything you’d like to add?

We really enjoy making this style of music, and we like to share it with people and see their reactions. Any feedback, both positive and negative, is always appreciated, so hopefully people will give our stuff a listen and let us know what they think. Thanks for the interview!

Bone Fragments @ Myspace

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