Bone Fragments – Dark Amusement
Reviewed by Jan 5th, 2010

bf-daStarting out with a keyboard intro track, Dark Amusement is a concept album which tells the story of Jollybean, a clown. Don’t let that scare you away though. The themes are used more for a creepy atmosphere than as a gimmick. This is not the Insane Clown Posse; this is more like if the clown from It started a black metal band without abandoning his evil clown heritage.

I thought the demo that came before this was interesting and had potential, but this comes a lot closer to the realization of that potential. The music is better-written and arranged, and, of course, there is a lot more of it here (52 minutes, while the demo was just over 21 minutes). Keyboards are used well to give a carnival-like atmosphere, and it works well with the rest of the musical aspects as well.

For their first full-length, Tormentor (bass/whispers/screams) is joined by Pthisis on guitar/keys/vocals and Chronovras on drums. The addition of a drummer helps the sound a lot. While I found the vocals on the last release unique, this time around they are done by Pthisis, who sounds sort of reminiscent of early Darthrone Nocturno Culto.

Dark Amusement is 12 tracks of very guitar-driven and melodic black metal, but with a very unique feel, which is something I just can’t say about very many bands these days. There are a ton of riffs and variety in the song structures, achieving a really epic sort of feeling in some of the tracks. An interesting release. Recommended.

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