Bone Fragments – Circus Maleficus
Reviewed by Apr 27th, 2009

Bone Fragments – Circus Maleficus Once again, we come back to the old adage about judging a book by its cover, er, a CD by its coverart. One the one hand, we have the novelty factor: this doesn’t look like any black metal CD that’s come before, indeed, this doesn’t look like a black metal CD at all with its colorful front cover filled with clowns. Nevermind that they’re evil clowns, they are clowns just the same. On the other hand, it lends personality to what follows and prepares you for song titles like “Clown in the Dark.” The liner notes also explain this desire to “suture black metal and carnival themes.”

While waiting for this to come in the mail, I was not sure what to expect. I hate listening to music on the computer so I confess that I didn’t listen to the stuff on the myspace page. While it doesn’t exactly sound like the carousel at the amusement park, the guitars sometimes sounds vaguely canival-esque, but only over a backdrop of raw BM, such as in the beginning of “Decapitated Clowns.”

The main problem I have with this is that the guitars sound so muffled. I don’t have a problem with less than crystal-clear production, but I think the guitar sound could be improved and the overall impression of the demo would benefit from that. The vocals generally work well enough but are a bit on the screechy side.

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