Blood for Dracula
Reviewed by Dec 27th, 2009

blood1This is a very campy and refreshing take on the story of Count Dracula, here portrayed by a very thin and sickly looking Udo Kier. It begins in Romania, where their is a shortage of virgins, and the Count must drink more virgin blood to survive. He and his assistant set off for Italy. Because of its being a Catholic country, they think there will be more virgins. They are mistaken of course.

The first shot is of a white-haired Dracula applying makeup to his face and dye to his hair to look less corpselike, which is a nice touch. Besides virgin blood, he eats only vegetables. There is some good humor happening with the usual vampire mythology.

In Italy they stay with the de Fiori family, former rich aristocrats who have lost their money. The mother wants to marry off the daughters to rich men, and is delighted to find that this Romanian count is looking for an Italian bride. Meanwhile, the middle two daughers are having lots of sex with the Communist handyman Mario (Joe Dallesandro). The eldest is not thought to be marriageable anymore, and the youngest daughter is only fourteen.

The middle daughters separately visit the Count in his room, but he is sickened (literally) by their impure blood. Mario grows suspicious of the count and runs around being a parody of Communist ideals.

The movie can be interpreted in a number of ways and there is much political satire as well as vampire satire. Kier’s Count is one of my favorite movie Draculas. Morrissey clearly isn’t worried about having actors sound like people of the nationality they should be, which is at times also funny (especially in Dallesandro’s case). Fun and campy, though some might consider it too slow.

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