Blood Feast
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

This is the film that started it all, making teenagers vomit in their dad’s cars at the drive-ins all over America when it was debuted in 1963 as the first gore movie. Local caterer and Egyptian cultist Fuad Ramses is working hard on preparing an authentic Egyptian feast for a customer’s party. Meanwhile, there is a killer on the loose brutally butchering teenage girls and keeping grisly souvenirs (bashed in brains, tongue, pair of legs), and leaving somewhat “special” local police baffled. Unbelievably, to the unsuspecting party guests, the guest of honor is about to be the main course!

this film contains graphic depictions of some creative mutilation (I’m pretty partial to the tongue ripping scene, but the brain bashing still holds a special place in my heart) that have stood the test of time abd are still shocking. Atrociously bad acting/fashion also highlight the film, and make it especially endearing. ‘Nuff said. A must-have for any ghoulish collection! Fuck renting this, go buy it now! The Something Weird Video DVD version has some bonus outtakes, a hilarious commentary by HG Lewis and producer David Friedman, and a photo gallery. It also includes the very disgusting short subject “Carving Magic,” that will shows you how to carve the most vile looking meat I’ve ever seen.

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